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How to Develop a Message for Media Appearances

This mini-course will teach you how to develop the various messages which you want to put across to the public. You will know about preliminary preparation — researching your audience and conducting brainstorms within your team. You will be able to convey your fundamental message clearly. You will be taught how to set out the main body and make connections between the different parts of your message. You will be able to communicate with different types of journalists from aggressive shark journalists to the ones who know nothing about the subject they’re discussing, the clown fish journalists. You will not lose your train of thought during the course of an unprepared interview. If you want to create or develop your message properly, deliver it to your audience and achieve your intended goals, take this themed mini-course.

You will learn how to…
  • Give interviews and participate in press conferences
  • Adapt your message for a particular audience
  • Deal with different types of journalists